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Service Areas

california PSEG(Residential & Commercial),SDGE(Residential & Commercial),SOCAL(Residential & Commercial), and SWG(Commercial)
Nevada SWG(Commercial)
Arizona SWG(Commercial) and UniSource(Commercial)
Colorado PSCO (Commercial)
Texas CPE,ONCOR,TNMP,AEP north and Central(All TDU – Residential & Commercial)
Florida FCG,FPU, and TECO(Commercial)
Illinois - Electricity and Natural Gas COMED,NICOR,NSG, and PGL(Residential & Commercial)
Indiana NIPSCO(Residential & Commercial) and Citizen gas(Commercial)
Michigan CMS(Residential & Commercial)
Michigan CMS gas(Residential & Commercial)
Ohio DEO and COH gas(Residential & Commercial)
Pennsylvaniya PPL and PECO(Residential & Commercial)
New York CONED gas and National grid gas (Residential & Commercial)
Massachusetts Nstar gas(Residential & Commercial)
Connecticut Eversource and UIC (Commercial)
New Jersey PSEG Electric & Gas(Commercial)
Delaware DELMARVA(Residential & Commercial)
Maryland BGE Electric & gas(Residential & Commercial)

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