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What to Expect From Door to Door Sales Representatives

One of the ways we connect with customers is by using door-to-door sales representatives. If you see an agent in your neighborhood, he or she will probably come knocking on your door to offer you a convenient way to switch from your energy provider to Spark Energy. Here’s some useful information that should help.

How to Verify an Authentic Spark Energy Door-to-Door Agent

Authentic Spark Energy door-to-door agents will have:
  • Clothing (shirt or jacket,) with clearly identifiable and visible Spark Energy logo
  • Name badges with photo, vendor ID number, and agent badge ID number
To verify the identity of an agent that comes to your door, call 866-914-1726. Tell us the vendor ID number and agent badge ID number and we can confirm the status of the agent.
Spark Energy Sales Agents

How Does Spark Energy Protect Me From Fraud?

We take fraud seriously. Prior to earning their agent badge, all Spark Energy door-to-door agents must meet certain requirements. These include: passing strict background screens; undergoing drug testing, and successfully completing sales training. We work hard to ensure that all Spark Energy agents are professional, efficient, and attentive to your questions. All of our agents are required to adhere to state and local laws related to solicitation and to respect no solicitation signs.

When Speaking With a Door-to-Door Representative:

  • Always ask for identification
  • Verify the sales representative’s identity before sharing any information, including your energy bill
  • Never share your Social Security number or driver’s license number
  • Never sign any document without reading it thoroughly

Things Energy Provider Representatives Should Never Tell you:

Spark Energy door-to-door agents are trained to be professional, polite, and knowledgeable about our products and services. While they may ask questions and provide answers, here are a few things door-to-door agents should never tell you, no matter what energy provider they’re from. I promise you’ll save money if you switch. Be wary of savings claims and promises of lower energy rates or discounts if you switch. You’ll need to compare detailed information about any proposed new rate plan with your current plan before you can have a clear idea about potential savings. I’m here from the utility to check your bill. Nobody from the utility will ever knock on your door to check your bill. If somebody says this, consider it a red flag. If you can, get their information and report them to us immediately at 877-547-7275. Don’t worry, just sign here.” Never sign any document without reading it thoroughly, including the fine print. Although unintended, your signature on a document may be interpreted as an agreement to switch. You have to switch because your current energy provider is going out of business. No legitimate sales representative will ever claim that your current energy provider is going out of business or has been sold to another energy provider. Your current energy provider is raising rates. Door-to-door sales reps can’t possibly know what rate you’re being charged by your current energy provider or if your rate is increasing. “You have to sign because of regulatory changes.” You will never have to sign a document of any kind on your doorstep because of a regulatory change. If a regulatory change ever affects you, you will receive an official communication about the change from your public utility commission. “My supervisor is going to call you to make sure I did a good job. Just say yes.” Never just say yes when somebody calls. Normally, any kind of follow-up call will be from an energy provider making sure that you actually want to switch from your current provider to them. Listen to all phone calls carefully and don’t hesitate to ask questions.

For More Information

For more information about Spark Energy door-to-door sales, call customer service at 877-547-7275 or email customercare@sparkenergy.com.

Share Your Experience

If you’ve had an experience with one of our Spark Energy door-to-door representatives that you’d like to share, please provide feedback to us directly at marketingcomplaints@sparkenergy.com. Feedback helps us improve the quality of our service and your experience as a Spark Energy customer. Furthermore, we are committed to ensuring that our outbound telemarketing (OTM) and door-to-door (DTD) agents are providing the highest quality service. While we monitor these agents, we welcome your input into whether they are acting in a professional manner and in compliance with the standards we set for them. If any of our agents are acting in a way that is inappropriate or bothersome to you or that you think violates any law or regulation, we want to know about it immediately so that we can investigate the problem and fix it. Please help us by communicating with us if you encounter any problems with our DTD or OTM agents.

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