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Small Business Energy

Maximum average yearly usage :
50,000 kWh or less(electricity)
5,000 therms or less (natural gas)

Examples include small offices,
hair salons and boutique stores.

Commercial Energy

Minimum average yearly usage :
50,000 kWh or more (electricity)
5,000 therms or more (natural gas)

Examples include shopping malls,
hotels and hospitals.

Commercial Gas and Electricity Provider

Trust is a critical part of the relationship you develop with your retail gas and electricity provider. By switching to Spark Energy, companies across the nation have gained a trusted partner that understands what’s important to business customers:

  • Lower operating costs with fixed rate energy
  • Reduce environmental impact by using renewable energy.
  • Align business goals with customized gas and electricity plans.
  • Get first-class service and support from dedicated energy experts.

If your business is located in an area with energy deregulation, you have the freedom to choose a commercial energy plan that fits your business better than the utility company. Learn more about how we serve small business energy needs and those of medium and large commercial energy consumers as well.

Lower Operating Costs

It’s hard to make your company’s energy use anything more than a cost center. And energy can be expensive. That’s why we’re committed to doing the heavy lifting when it comes to securing fixed rates for your commercial electricity and natural gas. The same way competition drives down prices in your industry, competition between energy companies in deregulated areas drives down electricity and natural gas prices for business customers like you.

With Spark Energy, it’s possible to achieve significant reductions to operating costs compared to the energy plans offered by your utility.

Reduce Environmental Impact with Renewable Energy Solutions

As an environmentally responsible gas and electricity provider, we offer small business and commercial customers the option to buy renewable energy as part of their plans:

    • 100% renewable electricity generated by wind and solar
    • Carbon-neutral natural gas through carbon offset credits

At Spark Energy, we make it easy for you to show your customers that you’re serious about environmental stewardship.

Align Business Goals

Our energy experts will work with you to customize an energy plan that aligns with your business goals:

  • Build best-fit energy plans customized for your company’s size, industry and hours of operation
  • Protect against market volatility and utility price increases with long-term, fixed-price plans
  • Achieve an ideal mix of cost and responsibility by choosing the amount of energy from green sources
  • Ensure flexibility with optional billing dates and contract lengths

Get First Class Service and Support

We’re dedicated to building and maintaining a professional and rewarding relationship with you and your business for many years to come. That’s why we go to such extraordinary lengths to ensure you have the best possible experience.

As a valued business customer, you can always contact your account representative directly. You can also call customer service at 877-547-7275 or email us at C&I@sparkenergy.com. Looking for a home energy plan?

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