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Green Electricity and Natural Gas Options

Spark Energy Why Green

Green electricity and natural gas are reliable and convenient alternatives to traditional energy generated by fossil fuels like coal and oil, which can be less safe for the environment. That’s why we make sure you have the power to choose a smart and responsible green energy plan.

Spark Energy plans that offer green electricity and carbon-neutral natural gas:

  • Decrease your impact on the environment using 100% renewable electricity and carbon-neutral natural gas plans that use carbon offsets
  • Provide reliable energy without changing the reliability of your service
  • Are available to residential and commercial customers

The average American generates over 24 tons of carbon every year, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. That’s a lot. In fact, it’s the equivalent of removing 110 trees from our ecosystem each year.

If you’re like millions of other Americans, you want to reduce the impact of the carbon footprint from your daily activities and help make the world a cleaner place. But reducing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions requires solutions that are convenient and reliable. That’s where our green electricity and natural gas plans enter the picture.

Our environmentally responsible green energy plan options include:

  • Fixed-rate plans
  • 100% green, renewable electricity
  • Carbon-neutral natural gas (carbon offsets cancel out your impact)
  •  12-month, and 24-month contracts

Green Electricity: 100% Clean and Renewable

Our green electricity plans are made by 100% clean and renewable by using energy credits form sources like wind and solar.

Why select green electricity?

Because you’ll help the ecosystem.

Adding electricity to the power grid is like filling a bathtub with water. All the power generators that make electricity add it to the tub based on how much companies like Spark Energy purchase for customers. The water that is added can be brown (dirty water from fossil fuels) or green (clean water from renewable energy sources).

Every month you drain a little water from the tub. If you have a green electricity plan with Spark Energy, we purchase the amount of electricity you used from renewable sources and add it back to the tub.

Over time, as we buy more green electricity for more customers the water in the tub becomes cleaner and the carbon footprint of the tub becomes smaller.

When you sign up for a Spark Energy green electricity plan:

  • Your electricity use is recorded each month
  • We purchase renewable energy credits to match your electricity usage
  • The more people who buy green energy, the more support is provided to clean energy generators

Green Natural Gas: Using Carbon Offsets for Carbon-Neutrality

Our green natural gas plans use carbon offsets to provide energy that is considered carbon neutral. As a fossil fuel, natural gas is neither clean nor renewable, though it’s far cleaner than oil or coal. Carbon offsets help manage the environmental impact of burning natural gas.

Why select carbon-neutral natural gas?

Because you’ll make sure pollution that enters the ecosystem doesn’t add up.

Our carbon natural gas plans use industry-standard carbon offsets to reduce your carbon footprint. When you get a monthly bill, we calculate how much carbon needs to be taken out of the environment to offset the pollution caused by burning the natural gas you used.

We use the EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator to determine your Carbon Dioxide Equivalents (CDEs). Once we know this number, we buy enough carbon offsets to cancel out the carbon dioxide emitted from the natural gas you used that month. As a result, you become carbon neutral.

When you sign up for a Spark Energy green natural gas plan:

  • Your natural gas use is recorded each month
  • We use an EPA calculator to convert your gas use into CDEs
  • We use CDEs to purchase enough carbon offsets to cancel out the CO2 emissions from your natural gas use
  • As a result, the total amount of CO2 that remains in the environment is calculated at zero — you are now carbon neutral

For More Information

For more information about our green energy plans, call customer service at 877-547-7275 or email customercare@sparkenergy.com.

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