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Authorized Energy Partners

Our Spark Energy Authorized Energy Partner program offers a great way to help energy brokers maximize the value of their energy portfolio. When you partner with us, you’re part of our team of dedicated authorized energy partners working hard to provide fixed energy rates and customized electricity and natural pricing directly to consumers.

About Spark Energy

Spark Energy was founded in 1999 in Houston, Texas — the energy capital of the world — and used its expertise to become one of the pioneers of the retail energy industry. Not all electricity providers and natural gas companies are created equal. That’s why, from California to New York, hundreds of thousands of residential and commercial customers across the nation have chosen Spark Energy to be their electricity and natural gas supplier. We know electricity providers and natural gas companies aren’t all the same. When we think about what it is that sets us apart from the rest of the pack, we think of three things: savings expertise, community support, and customer service.

Benefits of Becoming a Spark Energy Partner

Energy Solution

Meet your energy requirements, manage risks and maximize the value of your energy portfolio with financial cross-commodity solutions designed for your business.

Service Coverage

We have the reach and expertise to serve clients across 19 states and 100 plus Utilities.

Bundled Purchase

Experience the convenience of an integrated supplier by combining baseload of renewable electricity products and natural gas plans that are clean and carbon neutral.

Responsive Support

Including quick and efficient quote delivery, contract creation and post-sale service. We’ll work with you to help you meet your sales goals.

Easy to Implement


The simplest method – you give out a unique promo code to your customers, which gives them a list of energy plans and rates.
They enter the promo code on the Spark Energy (or affiliates) website when they start enrollment. The promo code will help Spark Energy track your enrollments to pay out your commission.


Spark Energy will provide you a unique link that you can add to your email signature or link from your website.
When a customer clicks on the link, it will automatically add the promo code to the enrollment.


Most preferred method for residential and small commercial deals.
The customer enrolls on your website and data is exchanged via API calls. Requires Spark Energy QA team review and sign-off.


Only applies to Commercial and Industrial. The Authorized Energy Partners have access to a dedicated email address to request custom prizing.
A dedicated account manager will be provided to help with the setup.

Spark Energy’s Authorized Energy Partner enrollment process:

The first step in becoming a Spark Energy Authorized Energy Partner is to complete the online enrollment form. As a retail energy provider, we abide by all federal and local rules and regulations. In this first step, you will also need to complete the background/credit check, W-9 form, and the ACH authorization payment form. You can click on this link to complete the form.

We want to get to know you better. Spark Energy’s team will schedule an initial phone chat or remote meeting to talk about your interests and goals in becoming a Spark Energy Authorized Energy Partner. Our Spark Energy team will make this process seamless. Our team will guide you every step of the way to complete all the forms and answer any questions that may arise in this process.

Our team will develop the Spark Energy Broker Contract Agreement and will send you a copy for your review. Once you review the contract and are satisfied with the agreement, we required your signature.

You will receive the official welcome email letter. The welcome email will include your unique promo code, unique URL code, or how to access API broker service. You need this information to successfully implement this program for your clients.

Fill the application today and Spark team will contact you.

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