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Supplying Massachusetts with Electricity and Natural Gas

Supplying Massachusetts with Natural Gas

Spark Energy is a nationally-recognized retail natural gas provider serving companies in Massachusetts. With more than a decade of experience as an innovative industrial gas supplier, we work to consistently supply natural gas, community support and better customer experience to hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers across 18 states.

Why do we do it? Because we are committed to being the best industrial natural gas supplier in the country. In Massachusetts, that means:

  • Keeping Cape Cod Bay well preserved for visitors
  • Promising the students at MIT and Harvard access to adequate heat  to power their studies

Can I Choose a Different Gas Company in Massachusetts?

Some companies in Massachusetts have expressed confusion over whether they can select different natural gas provider. Actually, it’s pretty simple.

The main energy company that has traditionally served Massachusetts, such as Eversource, is known as the utility. This means they own and maintain the infrastructure that delivers natural gas to your place of business, such as the pipes. But you can choose a different company, such as Spark Energy, to supply that natural gas to the utility.

When you switch to Spark Energy, your utility will continue to deliver  natural gas to your place of business. You’ll pay them for the delivery services, and they’ll be your point of contact in case of an outage. We’ll bill you separately for supplying the natural gas you use. In the process, you could pay less for  natural gas.
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Massachusetts Commercial Gas Provider

Massachusetts businesses have the freedom to choose a different energy company from an array of options. So why choose Spark Energy?

  • Fixed-rate natural gasSpark Energy strives to offer natural gas plans that provide value to our customers.
  • Exceptional customer service – Other energy companies have opted to outsource their customer service work. Spark Energy has invested substantial time and resources to develop an in-house call center offering stellar customer service. We are constantly looking for ways to quickly answer your questions and resolve any concerns you may have with your commercial natural gas service.
  • Quality, trustworthy energy service – After more than a decade in business, Spark Energy has endured challenges that have been too much for other companies, including natural disasters, economic pressures and the competitive nature of the energy industry. Spark Energy is here to stay.

Spark Energy is here to work for you, offering good rates and outstanding service from a proven company.

Natural Gas Service for Your Company

Spark Energy offers Massachusetts businesses the opportunity to gain substantial savings on their natural gas. We offer custom plans based on your business needs. Call us today for your custom quote!

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