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Managing the Rising Natural Gas Prices by Lowering Energy Use

So far the winter has been more mild than last year, but experts are predicting that will soon change. It’s likely to be warmer than normal in parts of the south, however some areas like the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes regions might actually get colder than last winter because the polar vortex is weak right now. La Nina will also increase the chance of wet winter conditions in the northeast.

Temperatures are expected to drop throughout December and January across the country, which means the demand and price for natural gas will increase. While you can’t control the electricity and natural gas commodity prices, there is a lot you can do to manage the price volatility of energy

The team at Spark Energy has brought together some of our best winter energy saving tips in one place. Use the list below as a resource to reduce your energy use and keep costs in check all winter long. If you have a specific question about energy use you can also contact our customer care team to get answers!

5 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Tips to Prepare You for Winter – Even if you didn’t get around to making these adjustments in the fall, you can still use the tips to save energy in the winter. 

How Holiday Decorations Affect Your Energy Bill – Find out how your holiday decor could affect energy use in order to keep costs under control.

Which is Cheaper, Electric Heat or Gas Heat? – Want to know if switching to electric heat will reduce your energy use? Find out in this post on the cost of electric vs natural gas heat. 

Keep Your Home Warm and Your Energy Bills Low – Get six easy tips on how to stay warm without increasing energy use during the winter. 

Keep Your Furnace Filters Clean – Discover how the furnace filter affects energy efficiency and ways to keep your furnace firing on all cylinders. 

How to Reduce Energy Usage When Your Utility Sends a Energy Conservation Alert – Energy alerts aren’t just something that happens in the summer. No matter when you get an alert you can quickly reduce energy use with these ideas. 

What is a Reasonable Thermostat Setting in the Winter – Set your thermostat correctly for the winter and you can lower annual heating costs by 10%. 

Stop Your Water Heater From Costing You Hundreds – The water heater is another piece of equipment that can cost you hundreds in energy if the settings aren’t ideal for savings. Find out what adjustments to make for energy reduction. 

Quick Fixes That Will Make Your Garage More Energy Efficient – It may not be a main part of your living space, but an energy efficient garage helps keep overall consumption down. 

How to Encourage Better Energy Usage in Your Life and Home – Learn about the ways behavior affects energy use and how you can use good habits to conserve more energy. 

How Can I Help My Family Conserve Energy at Home? – Saving energy at home is a group effort. Here’s how you can get your entire family onboard with using less energy this winter. 

DIY Home Energy Audits: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 – If you want to get serious about energy savings you’ll want to read our 4-part series on DIY home energy audits. 

Want to go a step farther to prevent getting hit by increasing natural gas prices? See if Spark Energy fixed rate plans are available in your area. Our fixed rate plans protect you against price hikes

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