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How Do I Efficiently Pack My Storage Unit?

Maximizing Your Storage Space

When packing up your belongings to put into storage, it can be very tempting to simply throw your belongings into boxes, cram them into your unit, and call it a day. Isn’t the point of a storage unit to house certain possessions you don’t need and don’t have to look at on a regular basis? Do you really need to pack them up with any sort of organization?

While this approach might simplify the initial packing process, you’ll wish you had taken a more organized approach to your storage unit when you’re sifting through unlabeled boxes for that one item later down the road. By taking the time to pack your storage unit strategically, you can mitigate the headache of fitting all your items inside and finding what you’re looking for when you need it.

Clearly Label Your Boxes

You might think this tip is obvious, but correctly labeling each box is easily the most important part of packing your storage unit. You don’t want to waste your time digging through boxes in search of one item!

This goes beyond providing a simple description on the box top. We recommend writing down the contents of the box with some detail. As in, writing “Books” on a box won’t be helpful later when you need to find one book amongst your 20 boxes of books. Instead, write something like “Nonfiction Books, D-G,” and that way, you won’t open it when looking for your copy of It by Stephen King.

You also should note if the box contains breakable items like glassware or picture frames by clearly marking it as “FRAGILE” on the outside. Be sure to make a note of which end is up as well.

Leave a Walkway

When unloading your stuff, it can be easy to get so carried away unpacking that you forget to leave yourself a pathway for later. We suggest leaving a path down the middle of your unit – when both packing and unpacking – so you can easily get to the back of your unit at any time.

Stack by Weight

Trying to fit all your items into your storage unit can feel like a game of Tetris. Because you’ll most likely be stacking boxes on top of one another, place your heaviest boxes on the bottom and leave your lightest boxes for the top of the stack. A heavy box can easily crush the one below, and no one wants to open their unit to crushed belongings!

Take Furniture Apart

While not all furniture can be disassembled, items like a bed frame can easily be flattened out when taken apart, saving you precious space in your unit. Not only does condensing your furniture save you space, but it typically makes it much easier to move.

Pad Fragile Items

When it comes to packing fragile items, there really are no shortcuts. If you don’t want to end up with broken glass on your hands, you should take the time to thoroughly wrap items like mirrors, frames, and china. Spare blankets, towels, and bubble wrap all make good options.

Take Inventory

Make things easier on yourself for the long-term by creating an inventory list and map of your unit. Clearly label where each box is in your unit so you can get in and out with the box or item you’re after with relative ease.

There’s no denying that packing – especially thorough packing – can feel like a hassle. But while it may seem like a pain at the moment, you’ll never regret taking the time to organize your storage unit in a way that protects your valuable possessions. Besides, you’re using a storage unit for a reason, so why not treat the process and your property with some respect

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