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How Can I Lower My Summer Electricity Bills?

4 Tips for Curbing Your Consumption

In the summertime, rising energy bills are inevitable. Your kids being home from school combined with overall hotter temperatures create higher-than-normal demand. But while there are no secrets hack to truly slashing your summer energy bills, you can take clear steps that keep your summer energy bills under control until fall arrives.

Opt for Cooler or Cold Water

When at all possible, lower the water temperature for household activities that require water. This includes:

  • Doing laundry with the cold water setting
  • Lowering the temperature of your water heater to 120° F
  • Washing dishes in cold water
  • Showering in cooler water

While these first three suggestions on this list may be easy to implement, taking a cold shower might not be everyone’s cup of tea! Rather than subjecting yourself to a cold shower, try showering in water that’s lukewarm – you’d be surprised at how much you enjoy a cooler shower in the summer heat.

Spend Time Outdoors

Depending on how hot it gets in your area (and your personal threshold for heat), this tip may be more feasible in certain regions of the country than others. When you can, we encourage you to spend time outdoors to avoid using energy within your home. Head to the park, beach, or your own backyard to enjoy some play time.

Bonus tip: Avoid heating your home with your oven or stove by grilling outdoors. Nothing says summer like a backyard barbecue!

Plug Up Energy Leaks

It seems simple, but there are plenty of ways your home hemorrhages energy without you even noticing. Plug up unnecessary energy leaks by turning off lights, appliances, and gadgets that aren’t being used, such as:

  • TV’s
  • Stereos
  • Videogame consoles
  • Lights or lamps
  • Coffee maker

We also recommend unplugging small items like phone chargers, electric toothbrush docks, and toasters, as well.

Give Your AC a Break

Cutting back on using your air conditioner seems like a no-brainer when it comes to reducing the amount of energy your home uses in the summer, but at what cost? While we recognize that It’s not reasonable to forego using your AC completely in the summer, you can refrain from overusing to lower your summer energy usage.

  • Set your cooling temperature between 75 and 78° F. This should keep you comfortable without placing undue burden on your unit.
  • Use your ceiling fans! While ceiling fans won’t lower the temperature of your home, they help to circulate the cool air your AC is producing, helping your home feel less stuffy.
  • Keeping your blinds closed in the daytime helps prevent solar radiation from heating your home. If you want to take this a step further, invest in blackout curtains for windows that are eastern or western facing to block out heat-producing light.

Don’t let high electricity bills spoil your summer fun! By implementing these simple household habits, you can beat the heat and prevent your electricity bills from creeping up this summer.

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