An Alternative to NSTAR That Beats the Rate Hike

Tuesday February 17, 2015
Posted at 15:33

spark energy is an alterntive to nstar that beats the rate hike

In case you missed it, NSTAR Electric and Gas raised the price of electricity by an average of 29% for residential customers. Don’t get gouged. If you’re an NSTAR supply customer, you can switch Boston electricity providers and avoid paying the higher rate as long as you’re on one of our fixed-rate plans. Switch to Spark Energy today and save 20% off your current NSTAR electricity supply charges while you’re on one of our fixed-rate plans. Guaranteed.*

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The NSTAR rate hike

Some customers in Boston and Cape Cod still get their electricity supply from NSTAR. Those customers got hit hard on January 1, 2015, when electricity rates jumped from 9.375 cents per kilowatt-hour to 14.972 cents. This 29% leap makes it the most expensive supply rate NSTAR has charged since Massachusetts deregulated its electric utilities in 1998. As a result, the average monthly bill for Boston NSTAR customers is expected to rise from $95 to $123, based on a monthly usage of 1,000 kilowatt-hours.

Why did the NSTAR supply rate skyrocket 29% ?

Like other utilities, NSTAR buys electricity every six months at an auction regulated by state law. The price they get at auction is what they have to charge their supply customers. Energy prices are affected by market forces and seasonal price swings, such as natural gas prices. When you only buy electricity twice a year, you’re stuck with what you get.

Choose Spark Energy for an alternative to NSTAR and start saving money today

If you’re an NSTAR customer, you have the power to choose another Boston electricity provider for your electricity supply. At Spark Energy we’re free to purchase electricity year-round at competitive prices, unlike the utilities. As a result, we offer a lower rate than what you get from NSTAR with our fixed-rate plans. With a Spark Energy fixed-rate plan, you can save 20% off your NSTAR supply charges. Guaranteed.*

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What changes when I switch to Spark Energy?

The only thing that changes when you sign up with Spark Energy is the company that sells you electricity.

two parts of your electricity bill

Your electricity bill has two charges: supply charges and transmission and distribution charges. Supply charges are what you pay for the electricity you use. NSTAR or another Boston electric provider can sell you electricity. You have choice when it comes to supply. Transmission and distribution charges are what you pay to have NSTAR deliver that electricity to your home, maintain poles and wires, and respond to service calls, outages and emergencies. The utility will provide these services, no matter who you buy your electricity from. You do not have choice when it comes to transmission and distribution.

Spark Energy is a trustworthy and dependable alternative to NSTAR

Utilities can be expensive electricity suppliers. That’s why hundreds of thousands of residential and commercial customers across the nation have turned to Spark Energy for affordable electricity. Our retail electricity experts and caring customer service teams have helped us earn recognition as one of the most dependable and trusted electricity providers in the country. Affordable electricity from a proven company you can trust is just a click away. You can obtain an information disclosure letter upon request by clicking here.

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* 20% savings claim against NSTAR price to compare based on 12-month fixed-price product with $4.95 monthly fee and assumes 1,000 kWh/mo. usage. NSTAR price to compare valid through June 30, 2015 for residential customers.