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Walk for the Woods 2019

Spark Energy Team Joins the 2019 Walk for the Woods Project 5K

Another Walk for the Woods Project 5K is in the books!  Spark Energy once again sponsored a team for the annual Walk for the Woods Project, and we couldn’t be prouder of our crew.


We specialize in powering homes and businesses, but Spark Energy is all about getting outside and enjoying our natural surroundings. In addition to offering green energy plans, we like to show support for local organizations that are equally committed to protecting nature.

The Woods Project is doing just that by promoting the importance of getting underserved students outdoors. These students are statistically less likely to participate in outdoor recreational activities compared to higher-income students. This means underserved students are missing out on major benefits that come from being outdoors. Scientific research has revealed:

  • Being out in the sun increases Vitamin D, which aids in calcium absorption and bone development. Just don’t forget the sunscreen!
  • America’s students are seriously sleep-deprived. Getting sunlight during the day can help students sleep better at night. Better sleep means less stress and a decreased risk of depression.
  • Teaching outdoors makes students more attentive and engaged inside the classroom.
  • Just 20 minutes of walking outdoors significantly help children with ADHD concentrate better.
  • Time outdoors supports cognitive function.
  • When kids spend time outdoors they’re twice as physically active compared to being inside.
  • Participating in outdoor activities helps lower blood pressure.
  • Being outdoors increases serotonin and endorphin production, both of which improve mood, appetite, digestion, sleep, social behavior, and memory.
  • Time outdoors boosts the immune system by increasing white blood cells

The benefits of outside going on and on. But one scary statistic is that American kids only spend an average of 7 minutes a day outdoors participating in unstructured play, but they’re in front of a screen over 7 hours a day!

As kids spend more time indoors, organizations like The Woods Project become more beneficial for students. They play a crucial role in getting Houston area students to trade screen time for green time by hosting after-school programs, weekend excursions, and a summer program. Kids not only participate in fun outdoor activities, but they’re also taught valuable lessons that promote success in the classroom and beyond.

All About the Walk for the Woods Project 5K

The Walk for the Woods Project 5K is a stroll through the Houston East End where many of The Woods Project’s students live and go to school. It’s a scenic route that highlights the rich history of the area and stops along the Buffalo Bayou where participants learn about revitalization efforts. There are also student meet and greet stops where students share their stories about how The Woods Project has had a positive impact on their life.

The Walk for the Woods Project 5K is the biggest fundraiser of the year for the organization. It’s an event that Spark Energy has participated in for few years in a row, and this year we went all out to make it the most successful 5K yet!


This year Spark Energy was a sponsor again and put together a team of over 60 employees and family members for the 5K. It was the largest group we’ve ever had, and we’re proud to say we won the Golden Boot Award for having the most people participate.

Many Spark Energy employees who couldn’t make the walk were still able to show their support with more than $1,200 in donations. Their donations were added to the Team Spark Energy sponsorship contributions.

Thousands of people showed up on March 30th to walk the 5K and help out The Woods Project. Spark Energy was joined by a number of other local businesses that were sponsors and providing services throughout the event. El Tiempo Cantina and Katz Coffee provided a complimentary breakfast for all of the participants. There were also a number of local food trucks serving up delicious food, live music, and children’s activities.

Spark Energy has supported The Woods Project for many years now. The annual 5K is an event we genuinely look forward to as it brings our team together to help a worthy cause that betters the community.

How You Can Help The Woods Project

The 2019 Walk for the Woods Project 5K may be over, but you can still help this worthy organization! Spark Energy works with The Woods Project regularly throughout the year helping to spread the word about volunteer opportunities. You can also make a donation to help fund The Woods Project’s work.

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