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A seed of sustainability

We’re putting the natural in natural gas. Right now, switch to Spark Energy and sign up for the

Trees 12-month or 24-month fixed supply plan and we’ll plant one tree in a 

Michigan State Forest for every month you’re a natural gas customer. 

Switch today to show Mother Nature you’re rooting for her.

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Sustainability, simplified.

At Spark Energy, we’re committed to creating a greener and healthier world. Reforestation is one

of the simplest and most critical things we can do to save the planet. That’s why Spark Energy has

partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant thousands of trees in Michigan State Forests.

Sign up today to make your state a little greener.    

Growing strong

Wildfires have devastated millions of acres across the country. So today, every tree counts. Our

 forests need you – switch to Spark Energy to help create a greener world for future generations.

Plus, planting trees benefits your community by: 

Mitigates climate change

Improves water quality

Supports wildlife recovery

Boosts forest health and resiliency

Increases human happiness and well-being

Reduces ozone levels

1Source: Arbor Day Foundation

Frequently Asked Questions

The first tree will be counted after your first 45 days on this plan and paying your first bill in full and on time. The remaining trees will be counted after 30 continuous days of commodity supply service with Spark Energy. The Time for Trees program is made possible by the Arbor Day Foundation.

Yes. The Time for Trees project information will be sent to you via emailYou must have a valid-email address on file to be eligible to receive information about the Time for Trees project. 

The rate includes your energy price per kWh or therm. The rate also includes charges that help deliver energy to your home, such as the base charge and delivery charges from your Transmission and Distribution Utility. Some of these charges are fixed and others depend on your usage. You can find  your energy price per  kWh or therm and other charges in your EFL. 

When you sign up for an energy supply plan, you’ll be able to choose the day you start service. 

You can sign up by typing your zip code and clicking “VIEW PLANS” above. If you’re moving to a new address, just use the address of your new home to fill out your service address information. If you’re switching from another provider, we’ll let them know about your switch.  

Terms and Conditions:

The plant a tree program (“Time for Trees Program”) applies to Trees fixed rate 12-month plan and Trees fixed rate 24-month energy plans. If you are successfully enrolled by your utility and accepted by your local utility the Trees fixed rate 12-month supply service plan, Spark Energy will sponsor planting one tree on your behalf under the Time for Trees program for every month you’re a Spark Energy customer for up to 12 trees, for each month you remain a customer. If you enrolled in the Trees fixed rate 24-month supply service plan, Spark Energy will sponsor planting one tree on your behalf under the Time for Trees program for every month you’re a Spark Energy customer up to 24 trees and are successfully enrolled and are accepted by the local utility.  The Time for Trees Program is made possible by the Arbor Day Foundation and a commitment sponsorship by Spark Energy.  
You must have a valid e-mail address on file to be eligible to receive updates about the Time for Trees Program. You will receive a notification via email about the Time for Trees program. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the correct email is provided to the Company at the time of enrollment, and to update the Company with accurate contact information. 
This promotion will be forfeited if 1) this Spark Energy contract is terminated before the end of the initial term, for whatever reason and/or 2)if you change to a different Spark Energy plan before all tree’s sponsorship are awarded and planted. 
The Arbor Day Foundation is a 501 (c)(3)nonprofit conservation and education organization. A million members, donors, and partners support our programs to make our world greener and healthier. Arbor Day Foundation is a 501 (c)(3). All rights reserved. Spark is fulfilling the Time for Trees program via third party; see issuers website at https://www.arborday.org/genralinfo/privacy.cfm for applicable terms, and conditions. Except as required by law, the Time for Trees program cannot be transferred or value or redeem for cash. 
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