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Spark Team KioskOur Retail Program 

One of the ways we connect with customers is by placing representative in places that are convenient to you. If you see an agent in your neighborhood stores and/or events, he or she is there to offer you a convenient way to switch from your energy provider to Spark Energy and educate you about deregulated energy. 

How to Verify an Authentic Spark Energy Agent?

Clothing (shirt or jacket,) with clearly identifiable and visible Spark Energy logo
Name badges with photo, vendor ID number, and agent badge ID number.
To verify the identity of an agent that is in the Kiosk, call 1-866-914-1726. Tell us the vendor ID number and agent badge ID number and we can confirm the status of the agent.

Can You Tell Me More About Spark Energy?

Spark Energy has been a dedicated energy retailer since 1999. Founded in Houston, we work to consistently supply fixed rate electricity, community support and a better customer experience to hundreds of thousands of satisfied energy customers across 19 states.
Here’s why you should choose Spark Energy: 

  • Fixed rate energy prices – Spark Energy offers fixed rate natural gas and electricity plans that are hard to beat.
  • Exceptional customer service – We have built an in-house customer service division second to none. Our goal is to quickly answer your questions and resolve any concerns you may have with your energy service.
  • Quality, trustworthy service – With more than a decade in business, Spark Energy has survived natural disasters, economic pressures and the ups and downs of a highly competitive industry. While other energy retailers have come and gone, Spark Energy is here to stay.
  • Predictable rates and outstanding service from a proven company. Spark Energy is here to work for you.

Switch today!

From fluctuating rates, to monthly fees, to new customer incentives, make sure you are getting the best deal by evaluating the entire plan. Make use of our agent who is available to answer all your concerns right there at your presence. Switch today and relax!

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