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Solar Powered Lanterns

Solar power has come full circle. In the beginning, we only had the sun to light our way. Soon after man created fire, humans were carrying it around to light the dark corners of our quiet planet. After centuries of carting around that dangerous flaming element, Edison lit the first light bulb and we were able to start wiring our homes and businesses for newfangled ‘electricity.’ In a great feat of dedication, the battery was born and we were able to, once again, cart around our light sources for fear of the dark.

Today, solar-powered lights have become the gold standard in camping gear and home safety alike. Whether you need to find your way through the woods at night or up the sidewalk between car and home, solar lanterns are a great way to keep your energy green while playing it safe.

Like many solar-powered electronics, battery-free lanterns are equipped with photovoltaic (PV) cells that collect and convert sunlight into direct current, or DC, electricity. They also have an inverter, which converts that DC into alternating current, or AC, electricity. Finally, that electricity is sent from the panel to the electronic device itself. Just like that, we’re able to harness the power and energy of the sun!


Generally speaking, you’ll get better light from a solar-powered lantern that has a high-quality PV cell and a large LED bulb. Those are often more expensive, as are those lanterns that come with more than just your standard shining light. Bells and whistles may include built-in USB ports, Bluetooth speakers, and even bottle openers. So, instead of carting batteries along on your next camping or hiking trip, keep it green and invest in one of these solar lanterns:

  1. Olympia Solaris Rechargeable Lantern

    1. Bulb: 65 lumens

    2. Battery Life: 5 hours on high, 10 hours on low

    3. Charge time: 4-6 hours

    4. Bells and whistles: Dual charge via solar or USB

    5. Retails for: $19.99

  1. Whetstone 36-LED Solar and Dynamo Powered Camping Lantern

    1. Bulb: 36 bulbs

    2. Battery Life: Not listed

    3. Charge Time: 6 hours

    4. Bells and whistles: On/off switch with 3 built-in lighting modes, triple charge with crank, AAA batteries or solar, USB port, removable handle

    5. Retails for: $19.99

  1. Duracell Solar Powered Outdoor LED Tabletop Lantern

    1. Bulb: 5 lumens

    2. Battery Life: 8 hours

    3. Charge Time: 8-10 hours

    4. Bells and whistles: Weather resistant

    5. Retails for: $19.99

  1. LuminAID PackLite 12

    1. Bulb: 65 lumens

    2. Battery life: 30 hours

    3. Charge Time: 7-10 hours

    4. Bells and whistles: Inflatable, Dual charge with solar or USB, waterproof, four brightness settings

    5. Retails for: $19.99

  1. Duracell Solar Powered Outdoor LED Tabletop Lantern

    1. Bulb: 5 lumens

    2. Battery life: 8 hours

    3. Charge Time: 8-10 hours

    4. Bells and whistles: weather resistant

    5. Retails for: $19.99


We’re proud to partner with LuminAID’s Give Light, Get Light program to ensure that everyone who endures a catastrophe has the light they need to see through the darkness. When you sign up for a Prepare & Protect Plan, you’ll get a free LuminAID PackLite 12 as well as provide one to someone in need through The Kikulu Foundation in Uganda, Convoy of Hope or Team 5 Medical Foundation.


Lock in your Spark Energy rate for 12 months AND get one of the top solar-powered lanterns on the market for free, all while giving to those in need? Surely this is a no-brainer. Learn more about how you can stock up for your next camping trip.



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