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It adds up.

Sign up with Spark Energy and see how much your school can benefit.


It’s never been easier to help your school raise extra money for things like after-school programs, equipment, improvement projects and even books.

Here’s how:

Sign up on one of our electricity plans using a unique promo code for your school — and get a special discounted rate off our published rates.

Your school will receive:

  • a $25 donation for every new customer who signs up under that promotion code.
  • a percentage of each customer’s monthly usage turned into a dollar amount.
  • even more financial benefit when you forward the promotion code to everyone you know.

It’s that easy. And when you add up all the kids in the school, plus their extended family, friends, maybe a neighbor or two — that’s a real boost to your school’s bottom line.

Math has never made more sense.

Enter your school name in the promo code field on your Product List Page or call 1-877-547-7275

Promo Codes:

  • Adam
  • Andre
  • Ault
  • Hemmenway


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