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Make Your Valentine’s Day More Energy Efficient and Romantic

Valentine’s Day is a holiday where some people go all out to show how much they care about their significant other. Love truly knows no bounds, but it’s also nice when you can express your devotion without increasing your energy bill. 

If you’re planning on staying in with your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day here are some romantic ideas that will help you save energy. 

Use Less Energy to Create a Home-Cooked Meal

If you plan to play the role of personal chef on Valentine’s Day be mindful of how much energy you’re using in the kitchen. There are a lot of energy intensive meals that can require using the oven, stovetop, toaster and microwave all at once. 

Instead of using all those appliances, try creating a meal in a slow cooker. The slow cooker is more energy efficient than the stovetop, and there are actually dozens of delicious meals that can be made using the slower cooker alone. Plus, many of those meals aren’t hard to make. Just put in the ingredients, set the temperature, set the timer and you’re done. 

A few of our favorite slow cooker meals that are sure to impress your Valentine include:

Beef tips with mashed potatoes

Poached salmon

Wine-braised chicken 

You can also take it easier while cleaning up and save energy at the same time. Ditch the sponges and put as much as you can in the dishwasher, which saves water and energy

No matter what you plan to make on Valentine’s Day, you can reduce use with these 6 tips for saving energy while cooking.

Make a Promise to Turn Off the Devices

Not long ago, there were a lot fewer handheld devices causing distractions when a couple was together. Not only do devices get in the way of quality time, they can be draining energy even when they aren’t being used.

This Valentine’s Day give your significant other the gift of your undivided attention. Make a promise that for the evening you’ll turn off the computers, phones, gaming consoles, televisions and tablets. You can spend the holiday reconnecting instead of being connected to devices that increase your utility bill. 

Create Romantic Illumination With Battery-Operated Candles

LEDs and CFLs are amazing energy savers, but they aren’t always the most romantic lighting. Candlelight is beautiful, but it’s also a serious fire hazard. The solution for safety-conscious energy savers is battery-operated candles. They look and even feel like regular candles, but there’s no flame to worry about.

If you don’t have battery-operated candles but you do have smart bulbs use the remote controls to dim the lights. It will create a more romantic setting and reduce energy use. 

Sit Out Under the Stars or Solar Lights

What’s more romantic than snuggling in a warm blanket under a blanket of stars? An outdoor cuddle session with your favorite amateur astronomer can be really comfortable when you take the time to set up the seating, especially if you go all out with a firepit. Plus, when you’re outdoors there’s no need to have everything powered on indoors.

If you live in an area with mild winters you may want to spend even more time in the outdoor living space for Valentine’s Day. Solar lights are a great way to keep the space lit without using electricity. 

Fire Up the Fireplace

Want to keep the Valentine’s Day date inside? You can reduce energy use while you snuggle up indoors next to a cozy fire that’s hopefully from a ventless electric fireplace. A fireplace can’t replace the HVAC system, but it can help you resist the urge to turn the thermostat up a few degrees. However, there’s also a chance that using the fireplace could make the house feel colder if it isn’t used properly.

Make sure to clean out the fireplace beforehand so it heats as efficiently as possible. And if the fireplace is wood burning it’s important to use dry wood so there isn’t lost heat and excess smoke. 

Once the fire is out don’t forget to close the damper so the warm air stays inside. If the damper isn’t closed it’s like leaving a door open and can increase energy consumption by as much as 30%.

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