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Hurricane Preparedness List: Assembling Your Supplies

If a hurricane warning were to be issued in your town today, how prepared are you? For people in the southeast region of the United States and even up the east coast, it’s something that has to be asked every spring.

The Atlantic hurricane season lasts from June 1st to November 30th. During that period an average of 14 storms will make landfall, seven of which will be hurricanes. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) that’s an increase of two storms, a year compared to previous years. The years 1991 – 2020 have established a new 30-year record period that’s now used as the baseline for annual comparisons.

The good news is while NOAA predicts the coming years will have more storms, the number of major hurricanes (Category 3 or higher) remains at three a year. Because the frequency is increasing, everyone along the Gulf Coast and Atlantic is urged more than ever to be prepared.

Use the checklists below to create a streamlined, yet fully comprehensive inventory of hurricane supplies that will help you get through the storm and the following three days after landfall.

Food & Water

Three gallons of water per person (1 gallon a day for 3 days)
Canned and nonperishable foods (3 days worth per person)
Protein bars
Manual can opener
Paper plates


Copies of prescriptions
First aid kit
Hand sanitizer
Disposable face mask
1 blanket per person
Personal hygiene products
Contacts, prescription glasses


Disposable gloves
Heavy-duty work gloves
Flashlight (one per person)
Swiss Army tool


Radio (hand-crank or battery-powered)
Cell phones
Address book with contacts


Variety of batteries
Phone chargers
Solar charger
*You may want to consider getting a generator as well if you plan to stay in your home.


The paper form of your home insurance policy
Plywood to board up windows
Tie downs for outdoor furniture
Fireproof and waterproof safe (contains all important documents, such as a deed, medical records, and social security cards)
Fire extinguishers
Duct tape
Plastic sheeting
*Keep in mind your home needs to be prepared for the storm and the aftermath when there could be extensive damage and no utility services.


Paper road maps of the local area (one in every vehicle)
Printed out evacuation routes
Gas can
Road flares
First aid kit (one in every vehicle)


Portable water and food bowls
Pet food
Bottled water
Dog bags
Portable kennel
Immunization records

It’s important to get your hurricane supplies well before the season officially begins. Between 2015 and 2020 each year had a named hurricane before the beginning of June. Get your supplies together well in advance, and each year take inventory to see which supplies need to be replenished.

Pay particular attention to the expiration dates on food and medications. It’s best practice to replace food every 6-12 months. Stored water should be replaced every six months.

Spark Energy is ready to help families get through the next hurricane season. We’re a trusted electricity supplier in the Gulf Coast and coastal northeast with a track record of reliability. If updating your electric and gas plans is part of your summer preparations, check to see if Spark Energy plans are available in your area.

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