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Get to Know the Spark Energy Markets


Electricity and gas are two very localized services. The retail energy providers in one city can be completely different than the next even in the same metropolitan area. It all depends on where a provider is approved to do business, if a city is deregulated and which areas they want to serve.
Spark Energy has one of the largest retail energy provider footprints in the country, and it’s getting larger every year. Keep reading to find out more about energy markets and if Spark Energy provides gas and electricity service in your neighborhood.

What is an Energy Market?

Let’s start by clarifying what an energy market is exactly. There are a few different types of energy markets, but the one we’re talking about is a service area where electricity and gas is delivered by a supplier for retail consumption. Who the supplier is varies depending on what type of market you’re in.
Regulated vs Deregulated Energy Markets

Today, energy markets are either regulated or deregulated. The core difference is that in deregulated energy markets consumers get to choose the company that provides their electric and/or gas service plan whereas in regulated energy markets everyone has a single provider – the utility company.
In regulated markets the utility that produces the power handles everything, including transmission and distribution to consumers. Local entities approve the rates and regulate them. In deregulated energy markets the utilities don’t have ownership over transmission. Instead energy plans are managed by approved providers who set their own rates.

How Does an Electric or Gas Provider Get in an Energy Market?

Becoming an approved retail energy supplier isn’t a simple process. Each state has their own application process and energy provider qualifications. Examples of qualifications include:

  • Provider must prove they are equipped to reliably supply electricity or gas.
  • Receive certification from the state commision that manages public services or utilities.
  • Registering with state energy agencies.
  • Have an office that’s open during normal business hours.
  • Have a net worth or equity of a certain amount.
  • Ability to cover all customer deposits or advance payments.
  • Managerial systems that meet state commission or agency standards.
  • Management must have a minimum level of collective experience in the industry.

All these requirements are put in place to protect the consumer. They’re added assurance that approved providers are legitimate companies that can provide services as promised.

Markets Served by Spark Energy

Spark Energy started in Houston, TX twenty years ago, but we’ve steadily expanded across the entire U.S. We have local markets in nearly 100 utilities across more than a dozen states that provide electric and/or gas service to over 1 million customers and counting!
States where you can sign up with Spark Energy:

  1. California – Gas
  2. Nevada – Gas
  3. Arizona – Gas
  4. Colorado – Gas
  5. Texas – Electric
  6. Illinois – Gas and Electric
  7. Indiana – Gas
  8. Michigan – Gas
  9. Florida – Gas
  10. New York – Gas and Electric(Verde Energy)
  11. New Jersey – Gas and Electric(Verde Energy)
  12. Delaware – Gas and Electric
  13. Maryland – Gas and Electric
  14. Maine – Electric(Electricity Maine)
  15. New Hampshire – Electric(ENH Power)
  16. Massachusetts – Electric (Verde Energy & Provider Power Mass)
  17. Pennsylvania – Gas and Electric (Verde Energy)
  18. Connecticut – Electric(Verde Energy)
  19. Ohio – Gas and Electric (Verde Energy)

Be on the lookout for Spark Energy! Last year we began servicing Delaware markets, and we’re continuing to expand with plans to enter new service areas this year.
See if Spark Energy offers affordable gas and electric plans in your area! Enter your zip code online or call 877-547-7275 for personal assistance.

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