Where can I find the Spark Energy Maryland variable price history?

Spark Energy Maryland Historical Variable Rates

The rates on this chart represent the weighted average rate across all available variable plans:

Electric (kWh)$0.1834$0.1801$0.1801$0.1674$0.1674$0.1681$0.1681$0.1683$0.1685$0.1690$0.1690$0.1690
Gas (Therms)$1.1255$1.1255$1.1184$1.1315$1.1315$1.1534$1.1534$1.1558$1.1618$1.1644$1.1644$1.1675

Current Variable Rates

All rates are subject to change on a monthly basis. Future rates will be updated at least 12 days before becoming effective.

*For BG&E Natural Gas Customers only, your billed rate may be prorated between the effective rates of two months, depending on the time in which your meter is read.

Product NameUtility Oct. Rate Nov. Rate Unit Commodity
Residential EvergreenBGE$0.1549$0.1899kWhElectric
Residential Evergreen T1BGE$0.1099$0.1399kWhElectric
Residential Evergreen T2BGE$0.1399$0.1899kWhElectric
Residential EvergreenBGE$1.19$1.4THMNaturalGas
Residential Evergreen T1BGE$0.899$0.899THMNaturalGas
Residential Evergreen T2BGE$1.079$1.079THMNaturalGas
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