Where can I find the Spark Energy Maryland variable price history?

Spark Energy Maryland Historical Variable Rates

The rates on this chart represent the weighted average rate across all available variable plans:



Electric (kWh)$0.1890$0.1898$0.2189$0.2195$0.2193$0.2194$0.2193$0.2293$0.2294$0.1898$0.1997$0.1997
Gas (Therms)$1.1732$1.1804$1.6433$1.9980$1.9976$1.9963$1.9973$1.9970$1.9973$1.7852$1.7888$1.7893

Current Variable Rates

All rates are subject to change on a monthly basis. Future rates will be updated at least 12 days before becoming effective.

*For BG&E Natural Gas Customers only, your billed rate may be prorated between the effective rates of two months, depending on the time in which your meter is read.

Product NameUtility Apr-23 Rate May-23 Rate Unit Commodity
Residential EvergreenBGE$0.1999$0.1999kWhElectric
Residential Evergreen T1BGE$0.1799$0.1799kWhElectric
Residential Evergreen T2BGE$0.1899$0.1899kWhElectric
Residential EvergreenBGE$1.790$1.790THMNatural Gas
Residential Evergreen T1BGE$1.290$1.290THMNatural Gas
Residential Evergreen T2BGE$1.490$1.490THMNatural Gas


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