Where can I find ERCOT variable price history?

Here you may find the historical variable rates for Texas (ERCOT) by market. As these are historical rates, the data for the current month will not be displayed until following month.



Center PointOncorAEP CentralAEP NorthTNMP
January$ 0.198 kWh$0.195 kWh$0.201 kWh$0.221 kWh$0.216 kWh
February$0.196 kWh$0.193 kWh$0.199 kWh$0.212 kWh$0.212 kWh
March$0.193 kWh$0.191 kWh$0.195 kWh$0.208 kWh$0.211 kWh
April$0.193 kWh$0.192 kWh$0.193 kWh$0.208 kWh$0.208 kWh
May$0.193 kWh$0.204 kWh$0.192 kWh$0.209 kWh$0.212 kWh
June$0.192 kWh$0.205 kWh$0.191 kWh$0.209 kWh$0.216 kWh
July$0.190 kWh$0.204 kWh$0.189 kWh$0.204 kWh$0.216 kWh
August$0.185 kWh$0.203 kWh$0.187 kWh$0.200 kWh$0.218 kWh
September$0.187 kWh$0.214 kWh$0.191 kWh$0.202 kWh$0.217 kWh
October$0.186 kWh$0.212 kWh$0.188 kWh$0.199 kWh$0.217 kWh
November$0.205 kWh$0.232 kWh$0.214 kWh$0.211 kWh$0.225 kWh
December$0.206 kWh$0.231 kWh$0.223 kWh$0.216 kWh$0.222 kWh
January$0.210 kWh$0.232 kWh$0.227 kWh$0.218 kWh$0.217 kWh
February$0.199 kWh$0.216 kWh$0.231 kWh$0.220 kWh$0.211 kWh
March$0.193 kWh$0.204 kWh$0.223 kWh$0.217 kWh$0.203 kWh
April$0.193 kWh$0.202 kWh$0.217 kWh$0.214 kWh$0.203 kWh
May$0.214 kWh$0.224 kWh$0.234 kWh$0.235 kWh$0.221 kWh
June$0.222 kWh$0.233 kWh$0.243 kWh$0.239 kWh$0.225 kWh
July$0.278 kWh$0.281 kWh$0.291 kWh$0.309 kWh$0.294 kWh
August$0.296 kWh$0.287 kWh$0.302 kWh$0.317 kWh$0.298 kWh
September$0.315 kWh$0.307 kWh$0.321 kWh$0.329 kWh$0.316 kWh
October$0.333 kWh$0.328 kWh$0.335 kWh$0.343 kWh$0.346 kWh
November$0.336 kWh$0.332 kWh$0.341 kWh$0.345 kWh$0.350 kWh
December$0.291 kWh$0.291 kWh$0.298 kWh$0.298 kWh$0.303 kWh
January$ 0.283 kWh$0.282 kWh$0.291 kWh$0.296 kWh$0.299 kWh
February$ 0.248 kWh$0.244 kWh$0.253 kWh$0.240 kWh$0.249 kWh
March$ 0.232 kWh$0.228 kWh$0.253 kWh$0.231 kWh$0.234 kWh
April$ 0.232 kWh$0.226 kWh$0.241 kWh$0.231 kWh$0.231 kWh
May$ 0.229 kWh$0.227 kWh$0.236 kWh$0.232 kWh$0.232 kWh
June$ 0.243 kWh$0.241 kWh$0.252 kWh$0.252 kWh$0.246 kWh
July$ 0.238 kWh$0.240 kWh$0.251 kWh$0.252 kWh$0.246 kWh
August$ 0.252 kWh$0.262 kWh$0.275 kWh$0.274 kWh$0.264 kWh
September$ 0.269 kWh$0.269 kWh$0.285 kWh$0.284 kWh$0.278 kWh
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