Glenview Electricity & Natural Gas Supplier

Glenview residents and businesses looking for a reliable, affordable electricity and natural gas supplier have an alternative in Spark Energy. In business since 1999, Spark Energy is a proven energy provider serving customers in 16 states. Spark Energy is committed to one thing: becoming the best electricity and natural gas supplier on the market.

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Can I Select My Own Electric Company in Glenview?

Glenview residents have expressed confusion over how they can pick a different electric company. But the truth is that it’s pretty simple.

Here’s how it works. Your local electric company, like ComEd, is the utility – they own the infrastructure, such as the electricity cables and gas lines, that deliver energy to your home. But you can select a different company, such as Spark Energy, to supply electricity and natural gas to the utility.

When you switch to Spark Energy, the utility will continue to deliver energy to your home, and they will continue to bill you each month. We will be a line item on your monthly bill. And the utility will still be your point of contact in case of an emergency or outage.

That’s it – the same utility, just with a different energy supplier. And in the process, you could pay less for electricity and natural gas.

Glenview Electricity & Natural Gas Provider

Glenview residents and companies have historically had to choose from a single energy company for their electricity and natural gas service. Deregulation has changed that: today Glenview residents and businesses have greater options for their energy provider. So why choose Spark Energy?
  • Reliable service – The energy industry offers a number of challenges, including natural disasters, economic pressures and high competition. With more than a decade in business, Spark Energy is here to stay.
  • Cheap electricity and natural gas – If you’re looking to save money on energy, Spark Energy strives to consistently offer competitive electricity and natural gas prices compared to other energy suppliers.
  • Exceptional customer service – You need fast answers to questions you may have with your electric service. Spark Energy has invested substantial resources to develop a first-class customer service division. Our goal is to quickly answer your questions and resolve any concerns you may have with your electric service. 
  • Trustworthy electricity and natural gas supplier – We have worked diligently to earn a reputation as an ethical, trusted energy company.
Spark Energy is ready to deliver you low energy rates and outstanding service.

Electricity & Natural Gas Plans in Glenview

Spark Energy offers Glenview residents a range of plans to gain substantial savings on their electricity and natural gas:
  • Spark Preferred – This plan gives you a competitive fixed rate over the course of a 12- or 24-month contract. Make the switch today and lock in your rate for up to two years!
  • Green Advantage – This plan allows you to go green without paying a fortune.
  • Power for Heroes – You can get a good deal on electricity while helping American veterans. For every person who signs up for our Power for Heroes plan, we’ll make a donation to Helping a Hero, a nonprofit organization that helps wounded veterans make their transition back to civilian life.
All our plans have one thing in common: no monthly fees.

If you’re a Glenview business looking to save money on your electricity and natural gas, Spark Energy offers custom plans designed to fit your company’s unique needs. Contact us today for your custom quote!