12140 Wickchester Ln Suite #100, Houston, TX 77079

Electronic bills and written notices consent:

Electronic bills and written notices include, but is not limited to, invoices, billing statements, welcome package, , contract expiration notices, renewal confirmation package, product change package, final notices, settlement notices and other documentations.

Electronic Bills and Written Notices Consent: By entering into this Agreement, you authorize us to send written notices to you through electronic mail as permitted by rule and law. The decision to send written notices to you via electronic mail is at our sole discretion. If the e-mail address you provide to us at enrollment becomes invalid, you agree to timely provide us with an updated, valid e-mail address to which we will send written notices. You are solely responsible for providing us with a valid e-mail . You may withdraw your consent to receive electronic delivery by calling us at 877-547-7275, sending an email to customercare@sparkenergy.com, or write to us at 12140 Wickchester Ln Suite #100, Houston, TX 77079. To access, view, print and retain electronic communications, you must have access to the internet, a device suitable for connecting to the internet with capabilities to download and software that enables you to view and display files in HTML and PDF format. You are responsible for any cost associated with choosing electronic delivery. You can request paper copies of applicable notices at any time.







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