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Sign up on our Spark Energy Secure Advantage 12 electricity plan and benefit from:

  • Real savings that add up to about a month’s worth of free electricity over the year.*
  • A fixed price you can lock in for 12 months.
  • Protection from seasonal price fluctuations and drastic rate hikes, like Eversource’s recent 16% increase.
  • Customer rewards and incentives like our Refer-A-Friend program that gives you and everyone you send our way $25 for signing up.



Reconnect for worry-free savings.

Come back to Spark Energy and lock-in savings you can count on all year long.


Or call 800.962.0831 to enroll
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Terms and Conditions 
Spark Energy, LLC (“Spark Energy”).  Certain Terms and Conditions apply.  This electricity offer is valid for areas serviced by Eversource energy customers only.  Offer is for first-time customers only.  Spark Energy’s savings claim and percentage increase claim are based on the Electrical Distribution Company’s rate of 9.12¢/kWh valid from 7/1/2015 to 12/31/2015 and current rate of 9.56¢/kWh valid from 1/1/2016 to 6/30/2016 as understood by Spark Energy on 1/28/2016.   Spark Energy’s rate of 8.79¢ is fixed for the first 12 months of service. This rate should not be construed as a guarantee of savings or of a future rate beyond the initial fixed rate.  Rate expires at the end of the term.  After your 12-month term, you will be charged a variable electricity supply rate that is subject to change each billing cycle based on various factors as described in your Terms of Service. Your Terms of Service and Spark Energy Renewable Energy Statement can be found in your Welcome Packet or online at SparkEnergy.com. This rate may be different, including higher, than your utility’s supply rate.  The Spark Energy rate quoted is only for the specified commodity supply provided by Spark Energy.  The Spark Energy rate quoted does not include any tax, utility distribution charges or other utility charges.  Cancelling or changing supply service prior to the end of Spark Energy’s fixed-rate term will subject the customer to an early termination fee of $50.  Please visit SparkEnergy.com for latest pricing information and full Terms of Service.  Switching to a third party supplier is not mandatory and you have the option of remaining with your Electric Distribution Company (EDC) for basic generation service.  Electric prices are subject to change and your price may be higher or lower than the EDC’s price.  Total bill prices will include EDC delivery charges.  Offer expires on 2/28/2016.  Residential supply pricing does not change based on usage.  PURA Docket No. 10-06-18.
Right of Rescission.  You may rescind this Agreement at any time before midnight of the third business day after receiving the disclosure statement found in the Terms of Service in your Welcome Packet.
Basic Service Prices. Your rate plan will be as specified in your Welcome Letter or Electric Service Agreement.  Fixed Rate Plan: You will pay the fixed-rate per kWh as specified in your Welcome Letter or Electric Service Agreement for the length of your Term. You may also pay a monthly administrative fee, the amount of which, if applicable, is disclosed in your Welcome Letter or Electric Service Agreement. The rate you pay Spark Energy will include, but is not limited to, the EDC’s Generation Charge and Transmission Charge as of July 1, 2015.  EDC’s Rate R charges: $0.00476 per kWh for the Combined Public Benefits Charge, Non-Bypassable FMCC of $0.00000 per kWh (Jan-May & Oct-Dec) $0.00000 per kWh (June-Sept), Transmission Charge of $0.02732 per kWh (Jan-May & Oct-Dec) $0.03415 cents per kWh (June-Sept), $0.06282 per kWh for the Distribution Charge Per kWh, $0.00083 per kWh and $17.25 for the Basic Service Charge. Your price does not include applicable Connecticut sales tax or any local tax. You are responsible for any and all taxes (whether passed through to you on EDC’s bill as a separate line item or as part of the price of electricity, as required by law, rule or regulation) and EDC charges for delivery and distribution services. Except as otherwise provided in this Agreement or as required by law, all taxes of whatsoever kind, nature and description, due and payable with respect to your performance of your obligations under this Agreement, will be paid by you. If you are a tax-exempt entity, you must provide Spark Energy with the necessary certificates and other documentation to qualify for such status. Information on the EDC’s Standard Service rate, and how to find your current electric generation service rate on your bill, is available on the EDC’s website.

Incentives. Refer A Friend. To be eligible, both referring and referred customer must receive service in a deregulated territory served by Spark Energy. Referred customer must enroll on a 12-month or longer plan utilizing the unique referral code from the referring customer. By enrolling in the Refer A Friend program, you authorize Spark Energy to notify the referring customer of your enrollment. Referred customer may elect to not receive further emails from Spark Energy. Newly enrolling referred customers are limited to a $25 bill credit or gift card (depending on market) per service address enrolled. May not be transferred, assigned or redeemed for cash. To receive, referred csutomer must maintain an active Spark account in good standing (no past-due balance owed for 90 days after beginning service.) Reward will not be issued until 120 days after beginning of referred customer’s service. Full disclosure of Refer A Friend terms and conditions may be found at sparkenergy.com/refer-a-friend.
Cancellation Provisions. You may cancel this Agreement without any penalty any time before midnight of the third business day after you receive the Disclosure Statement found in the Terms of Service in your Welcome Packet.  After such third business day, you may cancel this Agreement at any time by calling Spark Energy, but you will be required to pay the $50 early termination fee after 30 days.   If you request to cancel this Agreement, the cancellation will not take effect until the next actual meter read date following the date Spark Energy notifies your EDC. You will be responsible for all payments due hereunder until the cancellation of electric generation service is completed. If for any reason Spark Energy is no longer able to economically continue this Agreement, Spark Energy may terminate this Agreement at any time after complying with applicable regulations. This Agreement may be cancelled at the sole discretion of Spark Energy if you fail to meet any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement or if any of the information you have provided to Spark Energy is or becomes untrue. If this Agreement is canceled, expires, or otherwise terminated, you will receive uninterrupted service from the EDC until you designate another provider of electric generation service or service is shut off by the EDC. Only the EDC may shut off your electric power.

© 2015 Spark Energy LLC. All Rights Reserved. Spark Energy, Empower What Matters and the Spark Energy Logo are trademarks of Spark Energy, LLC.


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