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  • Protect yourself from drastic rate hikes, like Eversource's (formerly CLP) recent 16% rate increase.
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  • See savings that add up to more than a month's worth of free electricity.


Terms & Conditions
Spark Energy, LLC (“Spark Energy”). Certain Terms and Conditions apply. This electricity offer is valid for areas serviced by Eversource energy customers only.

*Spark Energy’s savings claim and percentage increase claim are based on 10,000 kWh annual usage, the previous Electrical Distribution Company’s (EDC) rate of 8.23¢/kWh valid from 7/1/2015 to 12/31/2015 and current rate of 9.56¢/kWh valid from 1/1/2016 to 6/30/2016 as understood by Spark Energy on 3/15/2016. Spark Energy’s rate of 8.39¢/kWh is fixed for the first 12 months of serviceThis rate should not be construed as a guarantee of savings or of a future rate beyond the initial fixed rate. Your Terms of Service and Spark Energy Renewable Energy Statement can be found in your Welcome Packet or online at SparkEnergy.com. This rate may be different, including higher, than your utility’s supply rate. The Spark Energy rate quoted does not include any tax, utility distribution charges or other utility charges. Switching to a third party supplier is not mandatory and you have the option of remaining with your EDC for basic generation service. Offer expires on 5/31/2016. Residential supply pricing does not change based on usage. PURA Docket No. 10-06-18.
EDC delivery rates also apply, including the following charges for Eversource: $0.00116 per kWh for the Competitive Transition Assessment Charge, $0.01275 per kWh for the Combined Public Benefits Charge, $0.00876 per kWh for the FMCC Delivery Charge, $0.02582 per kWh for the Transmission Charge, $0.03467 per kWh for the Distribution Charge and $19.25 per month for the Distribution Customer Service Charge.


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