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Charity Choice Rewards gives you the chance to give back and pay it forward (on us!)

How do Charity Rewards option work with Spark Energy?

When you renew online with Spark Energy using My Account, you will be given option to choose the charity program during the renewal process before you submit the renewal. Check the consent flag to get more information on the charity program and we will send you login details so you can pick your charity.

What is the Charity Choice Rewards?

We love rewarding our customers for being a part of the Spark Energy family. But, we also know that sometimes, it’s just as important to allow our customers to make someone else’s day, and give back to communities. So, we partnered with four charities to build Charity Choice. With each of these partners, we’ve created a “charitable act” that we let our customers choose from. Once our customers pick the charitable act they like best, we take it from there.

Do I Have to Pay for My Charity Choice?

No! Once you make your choice, we handle the rest.

How Do I Make My Charity Choice?

Great question. Once you’ve logged into your rewards account, you’ll see all your “benefit tiles”. Head

over to the purple tile that says “Make a difference with us today!” and select “Make My Choice”.

Can I Use This as a Tax Write-off?

Unfortunately no. This isn’t a tax-deductible item.

What are the Charity Choice Options?

Give 10 Meals To A Hungry Family

Feeding America is a United States-based nonprofit organization that is a nationwide network of more than 200 food banks that feed more than 46 million people through community-based agencies.


Vaccinate A Child In Need

Shot@Life aims to ensure that children around the world have access to lifesaving vaccines. They strive to decrease vaccine-preventable childhood deaths and give every child a shot at a healthy life.

Give Clean Drinking Water

The water project is a non-profit organization that provides reliable water projects to communities  in sub-Saharan Africa. For more than ten years, they have been helping communities gain access to clean water.

Plant A Tree In An American Forest

American Forests is the oldest national conservation organization in the U.S. They have participated in more than 1,000 forest restoration projects and have planted over 60 million trees across America.

Ready to Renew and Pick your Charity? 

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