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Transfer Your Services and Utilities When You Move

Although the percentage of Americans that move each year is dropping slightly, there are still a lot of people relocating. Census data reveals that around 10% of Americans moved in 2019, which is about 33 million people.

For every household that moves, there are a number of services that have to be transferred. Transferring utilities and other services is something you know you have to do, but it’s more than just another item on the moving to-do list.

If you do it right, moving is the perfect time to improve your services. Here are three ways to get better services at your new residence.

Do a Home Services Review

A move is a perfect time to clean the house, figuratively speaking. Go through the last three months of your bills and identify all of the services tied to your home. Everything as big as your electricity plan to as small as a streaming subscription should be included.

When you review the list there’s a good chance you’ll find a few monthly services that are no longer truly needed or wanted. You’re probably still paying for it because the bill is on autopay.

You may also have services that are going to need to change, such as your electricity service. There could be other services that you want to keep and a current provider is still an option, but you may find a better price or more value elsewhere.

The goal is to have all services fall into one of three categories:

  • Services to transfer
  • Services to cancel
  • Services to compare

From there you can decide how and when to handle setting up services for your new home.

Use the Opportunity to Comparison Shop

Once you know what services you’re keeping you can take the opportunity to comparison shop. And it might actually be a necessity. Even if you’re moving across town that doesn’t mean services like the Internet and utilities can’t be different too.

Plus, it can be good for your wallet to see what the competition has to offer. If you live in a deregulated energy market it’s always recommended to comparison shop when choosing a retail energy provider. Consumers that do tend to have lower electricity and gas rates.

So why don’t more people make the switch sooner? People already have a lot on their plate from day today. Others don’t realize how much they could potentially save. And if the current service is okay, many people will settle, sometimes without realizing it.

Price is usually the top comparison point, but it’s far from the only one. You also want to keep customer support and reliability in mind as well.

Get Start and Stop Dates Locked In

One thing providers will want to know is when service should either end or begin. It’s always best to err on the side of caution with your dates, especially if it’s the busy summer moving season or the service provider is in high demand.

Consider stopping service 2-3 days after you anticipate being out of your current home.

Consider starting service 2-3 days before you anticipate moving into your new place.

Giving yourself this buffer space could prove to be extremely helpful if there are any delays. Remember, it’s better to have the lights on a day early than be waiting for service the day you move in.

See how Spark Energy plans compare to the other retail energy providers. When you comparison shop you’ll discover we offer our customers high quality at a great value. We also make your energy bills more manageable with fixed-rate electricity and gas plans that make costs more predictable.

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