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    Spark Scholarship Form 2020

    Part 1 - Student Information

    Scholarship Payment Information

    Method of Payment: If you are awarded this scholarship, a check will be forwarded to the financial aid office of the school you plan to attend. A copy of your college or university acceptance letter must be provided to Spark Energy along with this application so payment arrangements can be made. As Spark Energy must have permission to send the scholarship funds to your school or college, please make certain all of the information on this page is correct so Spark Energy can reach you.

    School Counselor Section

    Part 2 - Essay

    In a well-developed essay of approximately 500 words, describe the thing, idea, action, or person that serves as the “spark” that inspires your life. Specifically, address how this “spark” has become a catalyst for your journey toward higher education and beyond.

    Essays not on the given topics or exceeding the word limit will not be considered.

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