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Spark Energy is a nationally recognized retail electricity and natural gas supplier serving Mount Airy. In business since 1999 as a quality electricity and gas provider, we work to consistently deliver reliable, low-cost electricity and natural gas, community support and a better customer experience to hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers across 16 states. We are committed to being the best electricity and natural gas provider in the country.

Can I Select My Own Electric & Gas Company in Mount Airy?

Some Mount Airy businesses and residents have expressed confusion about selecting a different electricity and natural gas supplier. But the situation is pretty straightforward.

Baltimore Gas & Electric is the utility. This means they provide the infrastructure, such as the power and gas lines, that deliver electricity and gas to your home or place of business. But you have the option of choosing a different company, like Spark Energy, to supply that electricity and gas to the utility.

In Mount Airy and elsewhere in Maryland, selecting a different energy provider is kind of like switching to a different phone company. When you switch to Spark Energy, your utility will continue to deliver electricity and gas to your home or place of business, and they will handle issues like outages. They will continue to bill you each month, and Spark Energy will appear as a line item on your monthly bill.

That’s it. A monthly bill from the same utility, just using a different energy supplier. And in the process, you can get low prices for electricity and natural gas.

Mount Airy Electric & Gas Provider

For many years, Mount Airy residents and companies had to use a single company for their electricity service. Today, Maryland residents and companies have greater freedom to choose a different electricity & natural gas provider. So why should you choose Spark Energy?

  • Cheap electricity and gas – If you’re looking for better energy rates, Spark Energy consistently strives to offer competitive energy plans.
  • Trustworthy electric and gas supplier – We have worked diligently to earn a reputation as an ethical, trusted energy company.
  • Exceptional customer service – To provide fast answers to your questions and concerns, we’ve invested substantial resources to develop a first-class US-based customer service division.
  • Reliable service - Plenty of other energy retailers have come and gone, but Spark Energy is here to stay. In business for more than a decade, Spark Energy has outlasted natural disasters, economic pressures and the ups and downs of a highly competitive industry.

Spark Energy is a proven, trusted company that can bring you low electricity and natural gas rates and outstanding service.

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Electricity and Natural Gas Plans in Mount Airy

Mount Airy residents looking for substantial savings on their electricity and natural gas have options with Spark Energy:

  • Spark Preferred – Get a guaranteed 12-month fixed rate on electricity and natural gas with this plan.
  • Spark Fastrack – With this electricity plan, start with an initial fixed rate before switching to a variable rate after two months. With no early termination fee, if it doesn’t work for you, cancel early at no additional cost.

All our Mount Airy electricity plans offer no monthly fees.

If you’re a Mount Airy business looking to save money on your electricity or natural gas, Spark Energy offers custom plans designed to fit your unique needs. Contact us today for your custom quote!

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