Difference Makers

At Spark Energy, we support and recognize individuals and organizations that use their energy to make our world a better place. Below, we share several stories of individuals whose efforts in this area are worthy of special recognition.

  • Les Schmaltz

    Named by Child Advocates, Inc. as the James A. Gwinn Outstanding Court Appointed Advocate Volunteer of the Year

    "I am motivated to have a positive impact on the futures of children who have been taken into Children’s Protective Services because of abuse or neglect."

    During retirement, Les began volunteering for various organizations. But Child Advocates, Inc., an organization that mobilizes court appointed volunteers to help break the vicious cycle of abuse, really captured his energy and desire to help those that couldn't help themselves. As a child advocate, Les is able to help judges decide messy custody cases by getting to know the parties involved and representing the best interests of the child. Often because of past troubles and turnover among state agencies and guardians, the child advocate is the one constant in the lives of these kids. Les would like to encourage anyone who is interested to visit Child Advocates, Inc. online, learn about the organization, and attend a no obligation orientation.

    To learn more about helping kids at risk, go to www.childadvocates.org or call 713.529.1396.

  • Becky Williams

    2009 Texas Foster Parent of the Year
    Volunteer Foster Parent for DePelchin Children’s Center

    "The first years of a child’s life are the most important. If they don't get what they truly need in the first couple of years, the rest of their life could be a big struggle."

    As a volunteer foster parent through the DePelchin Children's Center, Becky Williams is a loving provider of needed support for medically fragile infants as they transition to adoptive parents. To date, she has fostered 17 infants since 2004, helping them to become both emotionally and physically stronger, before they move on. She wants others to know that it's not as difficult as they may think. To Becky, the rewards of making such a vital difference in the life of another human being definitely outweigh the challenges. It gives her and her family a broader view of people and the world we all share.

    To get involved with the inspiring work being done at DePelchin Children’s Center, go to www.dePelchin.org, or call 713-802-7792.

  • Meredith Iler

    Chairman of the Board, Helping a Hero

    "It is so humbling and eye opening to see these veterans overcome their challenges and express such gratitude at being able to once again do what so many of us take for granted."

    Meredith chairs the board of a completely volunteer organization that builds specially adapted homes for severely injured veterans from the War on Terror. Each home is designed and placed in such a way that it returns as much independence and dignity as possible to the heroes who have given so much for their country. Meredith believes that if you can help veterans meet their daily needs, you can come closer to restoring the sense of balance in their personal relationships that is so vitally important to their health and happiness.

    To learn more and get involved with helping veterans who have given so much, go to www.helpingahero.org, or call (888) 786-9531.

If you would like to recognize someone in your community who inspires you with their ability to make a difference, let us know. Email their story to giving@sparkenergy.com.

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