Resolve to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint in 2014!

Did you know that the average person creates 48,488 pounds -- or more than 24 tons -- of carbon each year according to the EPA?  That’s equivalent to removing 110 trees or adding four more cars to the road every year!  Spark Energy's new carbon neutral gas product is making it easy to resolve to reduce your carbon footprint this year by offsetting your energy usage. Go ahead and start losing tons this year instead of pounds!

How Can We Help You Lose Tons?

Spark Energy’s Carbon Neutral Natural Gas products provide customers the opportunity to offset the carbon emissions that result from their natural gas usage.  Spark Energy will procure verified carbon offsets to essentially “neutralize” the carbon emissions generated by your natural gas consumption.  By offsetting up to 100% of your natural gas consumption, the net amount of carbon in the environment is considered “neutral.”  Learn more about how Spark calculates your carbon footprint and what it means to be carbon neutral.