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We’re a mobile society

So we created an experience you can take with you. It’s not just a simple bill pay app that only works on one phone. It’s the most comprehensive app + mobile website combo around- a place where you can learn, sign up, save, play and so much more. Plus, it works on iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

So what are you waiting for? Get the energy that fits in your pocket.

Mobile Website

Optimized for iOS 4+, Android 2.2+, Blackberry OS 6+

• Our entire site, optimized for your phone

• Shop electricity and natural gas plans

• Sign up for service

• Discover energy saving tips

• Get answers to commonly asked questions

• Find out how competitive energy markets work

• Learn more about our community involvement

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Mobile App

Optimized for iOS 4+, Android 2.2+, Blackberry OS 6+

• Manage your account (Texas only)

• Make payments (Texas only)

• Play games

• Calculate energy usage

• Get tips at our blog

• Share your experiences

• Give us feedback

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What's the difference between mobile app and mobile web?

The mobile web is primarily for people that haven't sign up with us yet. It's a great site for learning more about how electricity works, getting answers to common questions and signing up for service.

The mobile app is geared more toward existing customers and savvy energy consumers. It includes things like energy-saving tools and tips, account management and easy payment options for current customers and even some games.

2. Can I enroll for energy service using the mobile web?

Yes, you can enter your zip code to see prices and plans for your area and sign up using our mobile-optimized signup forms

3. Can I find your contact number on mobile web?

Yes, at m.sparkenergy.com/contact-us

4. Can I get outage phone numbers to report an outage?

Yes, at m.sparkenergy.com/contact-us

5. Can I refer a friend using mobile app?

Yes. Texas customers can refer friends through the Refer-a-Friend link in My Account. We also plan to add this ability to customers outside of Texas in the future. For now, customers outside of Texas can refer people by giving them the promo code FRIENDS.

6. Can I pay my bill using the mobile app?

Yes, but only for Texas customers

7. Can I check prices and availability using mobile app?

No, but you can click the mobile web button to take you to the mobile website where you can put in your zip code to get the latest prices and plans in your area

8. Can I sign up using a promo code on the mobile web?


9. Does the mobile app cost me anything?

No, it's free

10. How do I download the mobile app?


11. What can I do on the mobile app?

- Access My Account to check usage, update personal information and manage billing (Texas only)

- Make a payment (Texas only)

- Use tools, like our electricity-saving calculator that helps you learn how much electricity different appliances and devices use

- Play games- Grid IT! and Mind Power

- Get energy saving tips and energy news from our blog

- Get back to our mobile site

12. What phones will the mobile app run on?

Our mobile app is optimized for Optimized for iOS 4+, Android 2.2+ and Blackberry OS 6+

13. Who do I contact if I have suggestions for improvements to the mobile app?

Use our handy feedback form at m.sparkenergy.com/contact-us

14. Who do I contact for a problem with the mobile app?

Use our handy feedback form at m.sparkenergy.com/contact-us

15. Are you tracking my location?

No. There are only two times we collect information from you.

1) You have the option of entering your zip code to get the most relevant promotions, news and pricing for your area. Your zip code is submitted anonymously.

2) When you decide to sign up, we collect the information required for you to sign up for electricity or natural gas service. It's the same information we collect on our regular website.

16. Why do you need my zip code?

To give you the promotions, news and pricing that's most relevant to you

17. What is your privacy policy?

Please see sparkenergy.com/privacy-policy

18. Will this cause my battery to run down faster?

Our mobile website and mobile app won't run your battery down any faster than a typical mobile website or app

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