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  • Q: Do I need to contact my current provider and let them know I am switching to Spark Energy?

    A: No, once you sign up with us online, we’ll handle contacting your utility and notifying them of your switch.

  • Q: When does my contract expire with my current provider?

    A: Your current provider will know when your contract expires and whether or not there’s an early termination fee. We recommend you contact them to verify these details.

  • Q: How long does the switch take?

    A: The switch usually takes 15-45 days.

  • Q: How will my billing work?

    A: You will continue to receive one bill from your utility company as you always have. That bill will include your supply charges from Spark Energy along with the delivery charges from the utility.

  • Q: Will you notify me when the switch takes place?

    A: Because your exact switch date is determined by your utility, we can’t tell you what that date will be, but you can call NIPSCO to find out.

  • Q: Will you send me something confirming my order?

    A: Yes! Keep an eye out for your welcome packet- you should receive it within 7-10 federal business days of signing up.

  • Q: NIPSCO is disconnecting me soon; if I switch to Spark Energy can you stop the disconnection?

    A: No. Since NIPSCO handles billing for all customers in their service area, there is no way for us to stop NIPSCO from disconnecting you, even if you try to sign up with us.

  • Q: Does Spark Energy require a deposit?

    A: No, we don’t require a deposit to switch residential service.

  • Q: I am moving in to a new place. Can you connect me?

    A: To get natural gas service at a new address, you’ll need to contact NIPSCO so they can process your move in. Once you do that, you can sign up with Spark Energy online or by phone at 877.228.9427.

  • Q: How long is your contract?

    A: Our current fixed rate contract for your area is for a 12 month term. We may offer more plans in the future. Please view the products page for plans available in your area.

  • Q: What happens after my fixed rate contract expires?

    A: When your contract expires, you can renew by calling us at 877.228.9427 and then selecting the plan you want. Or you can do nothing and you’ll automatically be switched over to a competitive variable rate.

  • Q: If I still owe NIPSCO money, do I have to pay them before I can switch?

    A: Yes. You must be up to date with your payments to NIPSCO before you can switch to another electric provider.

  • Q: Who do I call if my power goes out?

    A: NIPSCO will continue to handle emergencies, outages and downed power lines just like they always have.

  • Q: Is there a fee to switch suppliers?

    A: No, there is no fee to switch suppliers.

  • Q: Will this affect my budget billing?

    A: We don’t offer budget billing on the portion of your bill that we’re responsible for- your supply charges. However, NIPSCO does offer budget billing on the delivery portion of your bill.

  • Q: What is the difference between Spark Energy and my current utility provider?

    A: Alternative energy providers like Spark Energy buy natural gas from the people who process it, then sell that gas to people like you. Your utility’s job includes managing pipes, lines and other infrastructure to get the gas safely and reliably to homes and businesses. If you don’t choose an alternative energy provider to buy your natural gas from, you can buy your gas from the utility, but you may not be able to get as low a rate as you would if you switched.

  • Q: Why would I buy my natural gas from Spark Energy instead of the utility?

    A: We use our buying power and expert knowledge of energy markets to purchase natural gas at very competitive prices, and then pass the savings on to you.

  • Q: If there is a gas leak or other gas-related emergency, will the utility company take care of their customers first and then Spark Energy customers last?

    A: No. NIPSCO is required to handle all customers equally and has no incentive to treat you differently, even if you’ve selected an alternative energy provider.

  • Q: How do you get your natural gas from Texas to my state?

    A: We actually purchase natural gas from many sources and arrange to have it transported to your area.

  • Q: Sometimes Spark Energy has a lower rate than the utility company. How is this possible?

    A: As a pioneer in the deregulated energy industry, we have lots of experience buying and selling energy. Our expertise and size allow us to negotiate very competitive prices on energy, and we can pass any savings on to you.

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