Scammers are targeting Oncor customers and threatening to disconnect their power if the customer does not pay. They are spoofing Oncor’s 888-313-4747 outage number. Oncor does not request electric usage payments directly from retail customers. When making a payment to Spark Energy or your energy provider, contact the service provider directly or pay directly through their website.

Partner Programs

Feel the power of a positive relationship.

Affinity Marketing Program
Our affinity marketing program, called EnergyAMP, gives non-profit organizations like schools, churches and charitable groups an easy way to raise money with no up-front costs or commitments.
Learn how the EnergyAmp program can boost your power.

Employee Partner Program
As an employee of one of our business partners, you benefit from this powerful relationship.
Learn more about the employee discounts and benefits.

Affiliate Marketing Program
Our affiliate marketing program brings small businesses, organizations and independent contractors a way to easily power up their earning potential. Perfect for groups like realtors, bloggers and apartment managers.
Learn more about the affiliate program.