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How Can I Understand My Spark Energy Electricity Bill?

Making Sense of the Charges and Information That Matter Most

When you receive your electricity bill each month, where does your eye go first? If you skim until you land on how much you owe, you’re in the majority, and that approach makes lots of sense. It’s important to know where your money is going each month!
But you might not know that, in addition to fees and charges, your electricity bill includes a variety of definitions and details that can help you become a savvy energy consumer. And since we also know that the information on your electricity bill can be a little overwhelming at first glance, we decided to break down what you can expect to see on your monthly Spark Energy electricity bill and what it all means.

Two Basic Billing Methods

The type of electricity bill you see depends upon where you live:
If you live in Texas, you’ll receive a bill directly from Spark. We call this “separate billing.”
If you live in any other state where the energy market has been deregulated, you’ll continue to receive just one bill from your utility. We call this “combined billing.” 
In short, Spark Energy takes care of the billing directly for all of our Texas customers, while each local utility company still controls the billing for all the residents in its respective service area.

Separate Billing

If you’re a Spark Energy customer who lives in Texas, you can expect to see the following sections on your electricity bill. 
  • Account Number
  • Service For
  • Account Summary
  • Plan Information
  • Monthly Billing History
  • Important Messages
  • Invoice Stub
  • Usage Detail
  • Current Charges
  • Summary Billing 
Each section provides crucial information about your electricity service, specifically concerning what you used, what that usage costs, and the details about other charges you’re assessed.

Account Number

You can find your account number with Spark Energy in the top right-hand corner of your bill. Below your account number, you’ll see the date we created the bill statement as well as the date you need to pay your balance due to avoid incurring late fees.

Service For

This section includes all your information as a customer of Spark Energy. It also has information such as the invoice number, the ESI ID and/or account number for your local utility company, and the Public Utility Commission (PUC) license number for Spark Energy.

Account Summary

In this section, we display how much you owe for your current bill and all activity from your last bill, including the previous amount due, the payment Spark received any late fees, and current charges.

Plan Information

Want to know what plan you’re on? You can view that information here, along with your electricity rate, your plan’s expiration date, auto-pay status, budget billing amounts, and any promo codes.

Monthly Billing History

Rather self-explanatory, this section breaks down all your billing activity over the past twelve months.

Important Messages

Anything else we think you need to know will show up here, like any special promotions we’re running or other significant consumer communications. 

Invoice Stub

This section lists all relevant payment information for your Spark Energy account. If you prefer to pay your bill by mail, this section will need to be detached and sent with your check.

Usage Detail

If you’re curious about your energy usage habits, this snapshot details how your bill amount was determined. You’ll find information about your meter, billing period, electricity usage, and previous and current meter readings.

Current Charges

You’ll see your energy charge plus monthly fees and adjustments in this area. You can also review the charges, taxes, and additional fees required by your local utility company and state-level regulatory agencies, including (but not limited to): TDU (utility) surcharge, state sales tax, gross receipts reimbursement, advanced metering charge, PUC assessment, and more.

Summary Billing

In this section, you will find all the meter locations that are listed on your account, as well as the breakdown of electricity usage on each meter.

Combined Billing

In all other states with a deregulated energy market, each local utility company provides a single combined bill. On this bill, you will see your Spark Energy supply charges reflected as a single line item, alongside all the usual transmission and distribution charges assessed by the utility.
In some cases, the utility may refer to both supply and distribution charges as “energy charges,” which can become confusing. This does not mean you’re being double-charged for electricity; rather, you’re paying once for supply from Spark Energy and once for transmission and distribution from your local utility.
Other than that, the items included on your  electricity bill are fairly straightforward, but it’s also important you understand that Spark Energy doesn’t have control over how the bill looks or how your local utility bill shares information with you.


The amount you pay Spark Energy for the electricity you use will be listed under this section.  Most often, it will be split into your rate and the amount of electricity you used.

Transmission & Distribution

Though these charges are based on how much energy you use, they are not charges from Spark. These charges are from your utility, and they are directly related to the delivery of electricity to your home. 

Taxes & Fees

State taxes and fees related to Spark Energy will be listed out under “supply charges.”
At Spark Energy, we firmly believe that your electricity bill can be navigated easily once you know what you’re looking at and what’s most important. Once you become a more engaged energy consumer, you can use that information to lower your energy usage (and eventually your electricity bill).
If you still have questions about reading you electricity bill, reach out to our customer support team at 877-547-7275, or send them an e-mail at
8/7/2018 11:12:03 AM
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