The Beer-Sheba Project

10 kWc Solar PanelsIn rural Senegal, modern agricultural techniques can be the difference between struggling to grow and raise enough to eat, or being a successful farmer.

The Beer-Sheba Project is working to train local Senegalese farmers in modern, sustainable techniques. Spark Energy is assisting with a solar panel expansion plan that will bring additional energy that will power the projects feed mills, irrigation pumps, and cooling systems.

Beer Sheba Team“We are extremely grateful for Spark Energy’s involvement in this project and for their dedication to community development and green energy solutions” said Joell Friesen, Business Development lead for the Beer-Sheba project.

Spark Energy is excited to help kickstart this solar project and play a role in creating green, sustainable solutions in Senegal.


To learn more about the Beer-Sheba project, please visit

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