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Benefit from our new partner programs

There are a lot of ways to save money on your electricity bill. You can turn down your heat in the winter, use energy efficient appliances, sign up on products that protect you from rate hikes while being competitively priced…and you can partner with your energy company to find programs to help you save money.  We now have three new programs in place that provide you with benefits that go beyond savings.

Affinity Marketing Program
Our affinity marketing program, called EnergyAMP, gives organizations like schools, churches and charitable groups an easy way to raise money. Those who sign up with us through this program will get a discounted rate off their electricity; and a $25 donation will be made to their chosen organization. The organization will also receive a percentage of each customer’s monthly usage over the course of their contract -- which can really add up with every home that gets signed up.

Affiliate Marketing Program
Through the affiliate marketing program, small businesses, organizations and independent contractors have a way to easily power up their earning potential. It’s a perfect program for groups like realtors, bloggers and apartment managers.

Employee Partner Program
The employees of our business customers should also benefit from the products and services we provide. Through this program, we provide our business partners’ employees with discounted rates and ongoing benefits.
To learn more about how you can participate in one of these programs, contact our partnership team today at
1/21/2016 12:08:02 PM