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What Does the ESI ID Number on My Texas Electric Bill Mean?

Texans – When you look at your electric bill, you’ll see something called an ESI ID. An ESI ID is a unique number that identifies your electric service location. The first part of your ESI-ID represents the TDSP ‘Transmission Distribution Service Provider’.  The TDSP owns and operates the equipment/facilities to transmit and/or distribute electricity in Texas.  It is the TDSP’s responsibility to create, assign, maintain and retire, as necessary, an ESI ID to each Service Delivery Point in its respective service area.  

In a deregulated electric market, like Dallas or Houston, although you can choose your Retail Electric Provider ‘REP’, your TDSP remains the same.  Regardless of which company you buy your electricity from, the ESI ID will remain the same because it identifies the TDSP and the location of the meter.  


7/25/2011 8:17:00 AM
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