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How to Choose the Right Outdoor Lighting for Your Home’s Main Entryway

Select Outdoor Lighting for Front Door

When shopping for outdoor lighting fixtures for your home’s main entryway, it’s important to choose a fixture style and finish that complements the design of your home. However, the size and location of the fixtures you choose are just as important as the style you settle on. While aesthetic tastes can vary greatly, there are a few general tips for picking the right sized fixtures and installing them in the best location near your entryway or front door:

  • Avoid choosing fixtures that are too small for your entryway or door. Keep in mind that the fixtures, when viewed from 50 feet away, will appear about half as large as they really are.
  • When using a single side lantern to light your main entryway, the fixture should be about one-third the height of your door.
  • When using two lanterns to light your main entryway, one on each side of your door, the fixtures can be slightly smaller, about one-quarter the height of the door.
  • When mounting the fixtures, make sure they are slightly above eye-level. Typically, this means the filament should be situated about 66 inches above the bottom of your door’s threshold.

Before you buy lighting fixtures for your main entryway, grab a tape measure and take some measurements of your door. No matter which lighting fixture you end up choosing, at least you’ll know it’s the right proportion for your home’s main entryway.


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4/12/2012 10:50:00 AM