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Nissan Leaf’s Battery to Power Homes in an Emergency

Nissan developing system to allow Leaf owners to use battery for emergency power at homeNissan announced recently that it was developing a system to allow owners of its Leaf electric car to use the car’s battery to power their homes during emergencies.

The company said its Nissan Leaf to Home system will transform the Leaf’s charging station into a two-way system that can charge the car’s lithium ion batteries and also draw current from the car’s batteries and feed it directly into a home’s electricity distribution panel.

The Leaf’s batteries store 24 kilowatt-hours of electricity on a full charge. According to the company, that’s enough electricity to power an average Japanese home for about two days. It would be about enough electricity to power an average U.S. home, which consumes roughly twice as much electricity as an average Japanese home, for about a day.

Nissan said it plans to commercialize the system in Japan within a year and expects to make it available to Leaf owners in other countries after systems are adapted to meet local electricity requirements.


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9/1/2011 8:14:00 AM
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