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New Smart Thermostat Software Cuts Energy Use and Helps Save Money

New software may help save energy with digital thermostats

A New York-based residential energy company is helping consumers navigate the world of programmable “smart” thermostats in order to increase heating and air conditioning efficiency and help people save money on monthly utility bills.

On Monday, EnergyHub announced the release of a new software system called Mercury that allows consumers to program smart thermostats from a webpage or smartphone. Programmable smart thermostats that are connected to the software via a broadband Internet connection can be optimized for maximum energy efficiency using the software’s back-end data service, which is supported by a large database of information.

Once customers perform an initial software setup, which includes entering information such as the hours of day when they’re home, the database begins to collect a variety of additional information, including home type and weather forecasts, to create an operational plan designed to maximize energy efficiency and savings.

Existing smart thermostats already allow consumers to control settings remotely using cloud computing, but the addition of the informational database and back-end analytics can cut energy use by about 10 percent more, according to EnergyHub CEO Seth Frader-Thompson.

Mercury will also allow customers to compare their home’s energy use to similar homes, a technique that has been proven to encourage consumers to pay closer attention to their energy use.


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8/19/2011 8:17:00 AM
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