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Illinois Reminds Electricity Customers to Call 811 Before They Dig

National Safe Digging MonthIt might not seem like it, but digging in the yard around your home can be pretty dangerous. Digging can cause power outages and can even be hazardous to your health if you hit an underground power line that’s carrying electricity to your home. That’s why the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC), the public utility regulator in Illinois, has passed a resolution declaring April 2012 National Safe Digging Month.

The ICC said it wants to use National Safe Digging Month to remind Illinois excavators and residents to call 811 before they dig. Doing so will connect them with their local One Call Center to request that utility lines be marked anywhere that digging needs to be done. Like the ICC says, “safe digging is no accident.”

Speaking of safe digging, check out our post about electricity safety when working outdoors around the home.

And if you’re planting trees on your property, we’ve got a post about some things you should consider when planting trees near power lines, including how close — or how far away — you should plant them.

Good luck, and don’t forget to call 811 before you dig.


Illinois Commerce Commission, “Resolution 12-0268: Supports 811 — the Call Before You Dig to Locate Utility Lines.”

4/23/2012 10:29:00 AM
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