Houston Ranks Fifth in Estimated Damage From Category Five Storm

Houston would be in the top five cities in nation for potential property damage in the event of a Category 5 hurricaneHouston, Texas would rank fifth highest among U.S. cities in terms of potential property damage if it were to suffer a direct hit by a category five hurricane, the most severe type of hurricane, according to a new report.

The report, “2011 Storm Surge Report,” by CoreLogic, a California-based information analytics company, estimated that a category five storm would cost Houston $20 billion in property loss, which would rank the city fifth behind Long Island, New York; Miami, Florida; Virginia Beach, Virginia; and Tampa, Florida.

According to the report, Long Island could suffer a staggering $99 billion in property loss from a category five storm.

The report considered five data sets — coastal surge risk, hurricane propensity, coastal water feature, mainland determination and elevation — in developing its estimations. The most vulnerable ZIP codes in the Houston area include 77573, 77554, 77059, 77571, 77062, 77566, 77586, 77539, 77546 and 77521.


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6/14/2011 8:14:00 AM
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