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Funny April Fools' Day Links

As April Fools’ Day this year just happened to fall on a Friday, it seems the goofs and hoaxes are a bit more widespread.  Here are a few that are giving us a chuckle today:

- As usual, Google has rolled out a series of silly pages:
    - Google is hiring an Autocompleter. (This seems to be an actual job posting on their HR section. We wondered: How many actual resumes will they get from this?)
    - Our PPC advertising manager loves this: gBlimps.
    - Do a Google search for “Helvetica.” Our copywriter found this especially funny.
        - Related here.
    - YouTube is celebrating the top 5 viral vids of 1911. There’s also a 1911 button next to all videos. Click it for some old-school silliness.
- Speaking of old-school, check out Hulu. Wow – is that really what the Internets looked like 10 years ago?
- Lifehacker is doing a QR code scavenger hunt. Looks like fun. Too bad we’re too busy with work. (Like this blog post!)
- If you’re looking to engage in April Fools’-related shenanigans, Gizmodo has a bunch of pranks to pull on your friends or loved ones. (NOTE: We are simply reporting this information. Spark Energy does not condone or approve of these sorts of mean-spirited activities. At all. Just saying.)
- Do you have a LinkedIn account? Go to People You May Know, and you might see something like this.

4/1/2011 8:19:00 AM
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