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ERCOT Says Thanks for the Help

In a guest op-ed, ERCOT's president and CEO expresses his thanks for customers' help during the recent power shortages:

Conservation efforts help us avoid statewide rotating outages and keep your lights on and air-conditioners running. Conservation not only keeps power and cool air flowing to every citizen, it ensures that uninterrupted power flows to critical care customers, who are most vulnerable in the extreme heat.

While ERCOT has not called for rotating outages this summer, it is important to remember that we only implement these orderly, temporary outages to prevent a catastrophic collapse of the electric grid. As you may remember from the Northeast blackout a few years ago, once a grid failure occurs, it can take days to restore power to all consumers. Your conservation efforts help us prevent this from happening."

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8/15/2011 8:53:00 AM
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