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Electric Vehicle Enthusiasts Get Cool New App for iPad, iPhone

Charging electric car

Electric vehicle (EV) owners and enthusiasts have a cool new way to communicate with their cars, get personalized data and analyze the operation and performance of their vehicles.

GreenCharge, a new iOS app for iPads, iPhones and iPod touches, fully connects drivers with their Nissan LEAFs and Chevrolet Volts:

  • Seamlessly syncs a car’s data to a driver’s iOS devices
  • Connects driving data with local electricity pricing to give personalized feedback about the cost of operating an electric car
  • Provides environmental impact information by letting drivers know how many pounds of CO2 emissions they’ve offset by driving an electric vehicle instead of a gasoline vehicle
  • Allows drivers to see the cost savings of driving an electric vehicle instead of a gasoline vehicle
  • Provides real-time charging, battery and range information
  • Breaks down mileage and electricity price by day, week and month
  • Offers a social media outlet so that drivers can share their information via email, Facebook or Twitter

And, just in case you don’t have an EV but are thinking about getting one, there’s even a feature that lets you test out a demonstration vehicle, simulate your driving habits and generate cost information so you can make more informed comparisons.

GreenCharge looks like a pretty cool app. And at just $9.99 — or the average cost of operating an EV for a week (according to the developer behind the app, Xatori Inc.) — we’re pretty sure EV drivers will geek out over it.


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3/29/2012 8:48:00 AM
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